Thursday, 1 August 2019

Blaugust is Coming!

Of course, I was late registering myself for the party.... although I was planning on trying this since last year. Procastination is my speciality...

So... there are actually several things I would want to blog about. Things coming out of the CSM elections... the adventures with Solstice Project (see my last CSM campaign thread)… things coming out of my time in EVE... and other things as well.

After the last CSM elections were over, I went out for a spin through Null again. Blowing off steam whilst risking my neck more than in High Sec.

I heard that a high-sec-based alliance had gotten "Sov" in null, so I went to check it out. It was, of course, uneventful... 40+ jumps for nothing. I did, however, get blapped on the way back...

Fortunately he was nice enough to also blap my pod (he asked me first), so I did not have to slow-warp all the way back him.

That was fun!

Saturday, 8 June 2019

CSM Interviews

So, considering the current popularity of my Campaign Thread (657 Replies, 3.2K views), I decided to break my silence on interviews since CSMX.

I have done interviews for Talking in Stations and New Eden Podcast.

Hopefully they will be up before the voting starts. I will post links when I have them.

Edit: And here they are!



Sunday, 12 May 2019

CSM 14 Candidacy

It is that time of year.
My application is in, and my forum post is up:


Hello! It's me! Shadwell.....

Well... not really.

My name is Lorelei and I am announcing my candidacy for CSM XIV. I have just submitted my application to CCP. I am running whilst focused on High Sec. I am a self-confessed High Sec Carebear and am proud of it. I have – as I do every year - analysed the commitments planned/coming up in my life for the next year and have decided that I can afford the time to run for CSM XIV!

I really haven’t changed, neither has what I am thinking, (and therefore neither has my opening campaign post, really) and I am looking forward to discussing with you all!

I waited a while and really thought hard and talked to people before running again... Having seen that @Mike_Azariah is returning to the fray, it seems like it might be counter-productive to split the carebear vote between two of the more popular candidates. If you do end up voting for me, make sure to put Mike on your list too.

My (soon to be reanimated) blog contains links to previous campaign threads, interviews, posts about me and so on. If you are interested to know more it is worth a look. The copy of this Campaign Post also has more linkage, to articles that explain and expound on the things I am saying and/or thinking:

Just to recap my CSM history:
For CSMX I came in 15th for the 14 seats. Because of the way the Voting was calculated, with transfers and so on, I did not get called to replace the people that left or were removed. In another election I managed to come in before an incumbent member running again, whilst still not getting elected. In the elections for CSM13 I came in 14th... which would have gotten me a seat if CCP had not reduced the membership for CSM to 10 beforehand... such is my luck.
My last campaign thread:

I have been excited about many of the developments that EVE has taken in the recent past. Even though noone with a real "High Sec" Ticket has made it onto the CSM in a while... many of the issues that we have been discussing have been worked on and taken up by CCP... even if I am not totally happy with how they did it / are doing it... at least they are doing it!!! And that is reason enough to keep on running in the CSM elections... to give the High Sec population a chance to show their interest and support for some issues.

But to recap for people that do not want to jump to other web sites:
Is there room for a High Sec candidate on the CSM? Someone that has the well-being of the multitude of High Sec pilots at heart?
I would like there to be a “High Sec” platform, for a candidate for the CSM.
The problem with High Sec space is that the players there are all independent. There is no feeling of “we”. This lack of “we” is a problem. The lack of “we all stand together” is a problem. The “apathy of the carebear” is a problem…

This I know. I know that, although numerically High Sec has the largest number of log-ins… accounts… players… I know that High Sec will probably never be able to gather together enough in order to support a CSM candidate. But that is no reason to not try!!
Come on, High Sec! If something is important for you, stand up for it!!!

Who am I?
I am a High Sec Carebear, and proud of it!
High Sec Carebears tend not to socialize too much, and are only members of NPC or small corporations. If you are reading this thread, then sadly you probably do not belong to the player-metric that I mostly represent!

Well, this is not the first character I have created in order to play “EVE”. I have never been a member of a big alliance or coalition. I have never been a member of a big corporation. I wouldn’t know what one would do to “define” a big corporation. Hell, I have never really left High Sec space before the CSMX Election…

I gained my love of Spaceship games by playing Elite… way back on my ZX Spectrum 48k+ (with a jammed SHIFT key (jammed as in… raspberry jam)). Back then it was possible to try docking with a space station and to accidentally line up with the back of the station… and die whilst trying to fly through the back of the station to the entrance. Fun times.

I graduated to Frontier: Elite II on a 486 PC, and spent my time happily flying between Barnard’s Star, SOL, and Wolf 359. I should have been studying, but flying a (mostly harmless) panther fully loaded with robots was more fun.

I kept my eyes open for an online version of a space-sim… and that is where EVE comes in.
I really enjoy (as in “really”) flying transports, fulfilling contracts, and, sometimes, mining.

My CSM Interests for 2019:
I think it is important for people to know what the CSM is, and can achieve. I could not run claiming that I would make all spaceships pink. As a member of the CSM I would not be in a position to dictate to CCP or enforce any “election promises”. The scandals of the past have meant that the Player Base has lost some trust in this institution.
But well, check out all my old threads for more about what/how I think… but here is what is mostly on my mind at the moment:

None Of The Above: An opportunity for people to vote in the CSM, but to vote for None Of The Above. It’s like a survey to try and gauge player interest.. The problem of player participation is disproportionately affecting those of us in high sec (because we carebears are not exactly non-solo)
In order to increase the possibility of player participation, maybe CCP could get some more Popups/Emails rolling. Reminding players to vote is not a bad thing, and I remember thinking when all those “Agency” popups/notifications started flowing… that CCP could also do something good for the elections (if they were interested in the CSM).

Ganker: I would like at least a 50% chance of walking away from a gank. At the moment this is not the case. On my blog, in the past, I mentioned some changes to Concord that I would like to see. I would also like to see some changes to Ice Spawning (maybe in random systems?) that would mean that the gankers would have to move around to gank ice miners! Local chat could also be changed to provide less free “intel” to people. No need to announce to everyone who is in local… just the number of pilots.
I would like to clarify, I am not in favour of stopping ganking completely. I am not in favour of just AFK mining the whole day. EVE is what it is, and the game developers have been quite clear over the years where they stand on this issue.
Please read my last threads before posting questions… we really do not need to cover the points that have been discussed before… high sec is worth fighting for!

New Player Experience: That has been a WOW change in the last years. I have managed to try it. It is about a bazillion times better than the old way. It does however need observing, and I am looking forward, as always, to the statistics from Fanfest!
On the subject of Fanfest, I missed the (missing) Team Security presentation last year. That was, for me, one of the highlights!

Player Corporations: In previous years in the campaigns, some other candidates also took up this banner... that I only started with in the run up to CSMX. Inventing some way to let people socially interact without having to deal with a bunch of tedious stuff can only help player retention – especially in an area (High Sec) where people are otherwise isolated. Now it is possible to be in a player corporation, have all the social benefits, without being wardecced or something. Of course, that raises issues with things like Taxes (The NPC corporations have a higher tax on players to previously be immune to war decs...). And of course... that leads to discussions on war decs.

War Declarations: This is a work in progress for CCP, and I must say, that I am glad they finally got around to it. Since they started the changes I have been involved in war in high sec (both on the receiving and the giving end). Although I find it more interesting than before, it still needs a lot of work. This is also tied up with things like the Citadel invulnerability mechanics.
See my (soon to be updated) blog and previous posts in Campaign threads for details. The need for player groups that are just social has not changed.

But when all is said and done, I believe a CSM member needs to be a conduit for information exchange between CCP and the players. I do not think that the CSM should be used for the Metagame.

Thank you for reading this far. I am looking forward to working with you / hearing from you, and although I am always busy at this time of year, I promise to read every post in my thread.
Links to other posts about me:

Thursday, 4 October 2018

CSM Minutes

Travelling for work, but I had to quickly post this short stub.

The minutes of the last CSM Summit are out, and contained some interesting stuff for high sec.

The thing that most caught my interest was the definitive news of the affect that War Decs have on corporations. I hope that this means that the mechanics are finally going to get a much needed overhaul! It was good to see that such ideas as "player corporations as social groups that are excluded from war decs" (and probably some benefits as well) has been fielded. That was one of the positions that almost got me onto CSM X.

I shall be watching these developments with great interest!

Monday, 24 September 2018

You don't have to vote for me if you would rather spend time whining!!

          Channel ID:      ID
          Channel Name:    A CHANNEL
          Listener:        Lorelei Ierendi
          Session started: 2018.09.24 21:15:38

[ 2018.09.24 21:15:49 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD:
[ 2018.09.24 21:18:10 ] A CAREBEAR > again got kicked :S
[ 2018.09.24 21:23:13 ] A CAREBEAR > UGGHHH
[ 2018.09.24 21:23:20 ] Lorelei Ierendi > ugh?
[ 2018.09.24 21:23:26 ] A CAREBEAR > Salvaging that dst or br wreck
[ 2018.09.24 21:23:34 ] A CAREBEAR > got me non broken rig stuf
[ 2018.09.24 21:23:49 ] Lorelei Ierendi > dst salvage is worth more?
[ 2018.09.24 21:24:08 ] A CAREBEAR > I think it is
[ 2018.09.24 21:24:22 ] Lorelei Ierendi > then salvage those
[ 2018.09.24 21:24:33 ] A CAREBEAR > I usually get tripped power circuits
[ 2018.09.24 21:24:43 ] Lorelei Ierendi > :)
[ 2018.09.24 21:24:44 ] A CAREBEAR > Now i have a normal power circuit
[ 2018.09.24 21:25:36 ] Lorelei Ierendi > oh
[ 2018.09.24 21:25:43 ] Lorelei Ierendi > what can you do with those?
[ 2018.09.24 21:25:52 ] A CAREBEAR > make t2 rigs i think
[ 2018.09.24 21:26:11 ] Lorelei Ierendi > sounds like fun!!
[ 2018.09.24 21:26:21 ] A CAREBEAR > i will sell it  though xD
[ 2018.09.24 21:26:30 ] A CAREBEAR > I don't produce things yet
[ 2018.09.24 21:26:32 ] Lorelei Ierendi > hopefully to the right people!
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:05 ] A CAREBEAR > An autopiloting nomad D:
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:16 ] Lorelei Ierendi > where?
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:21 ] A CAREBEAR > <.<
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:22 ] A CAREBEAR > >.>
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:26 ] A CAREBEAR > i better not say xD
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:35 ] A CAREBEAR > SPIES are here
[ 2018.09.24 21:28:51 ] Lorelei Ierendi > um you probably shouldnt have mentioned anything about it then.
[ 2018.09.24 21:29:02 ] A CAREBEAR > heyyy >(
[ 2018.09.24 21:29:44 ] Lorelei Ierendi > if you dont think it needs help.... then keeping quiet is the best.....
[ 2018.09.24 21:29:50 ] Lorelei Ierendi > loose lips sink ships!
[ 2018.09.24 21:30:47 ] A CAREBEAR > i like to chat :s
[ 2018.09.24 21:30:56 ] A CAREBEAR > But i am good with keeping secrets !
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:11 ] Lorelei Ierendi > then chat about something that isnt afk jump freighters....
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:18 ] CAREBEAR2 > Are AGBee 001 from  Vigilance Training Bureau good guys or bad guys?
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:26 ] Lorelei Ierendi > what is the weather like?
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:41 ] Lorelei Ierendi > agbee's are bad
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:49 ] A CAREBEAR > xD
[ 2018.09.24 21:31:59 ] CAREBEAR2 > Lorelei Ierendi thx
[ 2018.09.24 21:32:18 ] Lorelei Ierendi > CAREBEAR2 code alts.
[ 2018.09.24 21:33:28 ] Knowledgeminer > lol, I reported them in intel channel for a reason, and there is a thing called killboard, you know
[ 2018.09.24 21:33:59 ] Lorelei Ierendi > yeah...
[ 2018.09.24 21:34:09 ] A CAREBEAR > :S
[ 2018.09.24 21:36:10 ] CAREBEAR2 > Knowledgeminer you are so NOT into chitchat :)
[ 2018.09.24 21:36:25 ] Lorelei Ierendi > which is fine
[ 2018.09.24 21:36:36 ] A CAREBEAR > /emote loves to chitchat
[ 2018.09.24 21:44:32 ] CAREBEAR3 > why aren't you producing things yet? you've been playing for about 6 months :)
[ 2018.09.24 21:44:49 ] A CAREBEAR > I like doing other stuff
[ 2018.09.24 21:44:54 ] CAREBEAR3 > you missed the bad old times of manufacturing :D
[ 2018.09.24 21:45:06 ] CAREBEAR3 > lol. fair enough.
[ 2018.09.24 21:45:32 ] A CAREBEAR > I like mining, logi, chatting. salvaging, freighter webbing
[ 2018.09.24 21:46:01 ] CAREBEAR3 > hmm. do you tend to stick to a single region or are you a traveller?
[ 2018.09.24 21:46:17 ] A CAREBEAR > For mining, i stick to regions
[ 2018.09.24 21:46:20 ] A CAREBEAR > Else, i travel
[ 2018.09.24 21:46:39 ] CAREBEAR3 > ah. that could be a bit of a pain for doing manuf stuffs
[ 2018.09.24 21:46:44 ] A CAREBEAR > I just fly a 58 jumps route through all the trade hubs
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:11 ] CAREBEAR3 > nice.
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:15 ] A CAREBEAR > /emote is very bored
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:27 ] CAREBEAR3 > if jita wasn't so huge i'd go back to amarr space. it's so pretty
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:36 ] Lorelei Ierendi > * A CAREBEAR mincraft then?
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:44 ] A CAREBEAR > Grrr jita >(
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:44 ] CAREBEAR3 > << will attempt to be more entertaining. sorry.
[ 2018.09.24 21:47:59 ] A CAREBEAR > I like minecraft too ^^
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:14 ] Lorelei Ierendi > if eve bores you go do that then!
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:19 ] A CAREBEAR > :(
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:36 ] CAREBEAR3 > same. but i'm a builder so even after all these years i have yet to kill the ender dragon in std survival
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:47 ] A CAREBEAR > CAREBEAR3 Same xD
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:52 ] CAREBEAR3 > haven't even gone to the end dimension yet
[ 2018.09.24 21:48:59 ] A CAREBEAR > Same xD
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:06 ] A CAREBEAR > I just end up building stuff
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:17 ] Lorelei Ierendi > so many things to do rather than sitting here whining about being bored! ;)
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:20 ] A CAREBEAR > HUUGE stuff
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:28 ] CAREBEAR3 > like mega build size?
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:29 ] A CAREBEAR > Lorelei Ierendi you are not nice >(
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:36 ] CAREBEAR3 > or just huge normal scale stuff
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:37 ] Lorelei Ierendi > A CAREBEAR you are whining
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:44 ] A CAREBEAR > i am chatting
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:46 ] A CAREBEAR > not whining
[ 2018.09.24 21:49:54 ] Lorelei Ierendi > A CAREBEAR sounded like whining
[ 2018.09.24 21:50:00 ] A CAREBEAR > blocked
[ 2018.09.24 21:50:06 ] A CAREBEAR > And i voted for you -.-
[ 2018.09.24 21:50:12 ] Lorelei Ierendi > thank heavens
[ 2018.09.24 21:50:20 ] A CAREBEAR > what a prick >(
[ 2018.09.24 21:50:34 ] Lorelei Ierendi > id rather you didnt vote for me

Thursday, 23 August 2018

End of an Era...

Not an EVE post, and very short.
Mostly for personal reference.

I play computer games. On my computer I have a bunch of old games, games I never play... also games I cant play (because I did not read the min. specs before I bought/downloaded), but want to play somewhen... when I get around to upgrading some components...

If you haven't played or read about SWTOR in the last year or two, then there might be spoilers ahead....

I can remember the moment I lost all interest in SW-TOR.
I can remember the very second. It is burned into my mind.

It was when that cut scene played, where the Sith and the Jedi were working together to build the secret base.

That was the end of my SWTOR career. And now it is gone from my PC...

Monday, 25 June 2018

Lorelei Ierendi, Act fast - Get 15% off Omega!

Just a quickie.

I got this mail on all my accounts, alpha and omega.

The fact that CCP sends these mails out is proof that they believe that the message reaches people.

Yet there was no mail reminding about the CSM elections....

Just saying.