Thursday, 1 August 2019

Blaugust is Coming!

Of course, I was late registering myself for the party.... although I was planning on trying this since last year. Procastination is my speciality...

So... there are actually several things I would want to blog about. Things coming out of the CSM elections... the adventures with Solstice Project (see my last CSM campaign thread)… things coming out of my time in EVE... and other things as well.

After the last CSM elections were over, I went out for a spin through Null again. Blowing off steam whilst risking my neck more than in High Sec.

I heard that a high-sec-based alliance had gotten "Sov" in null, so I went to check it out. It was, of course, uneventful... 40+ jumps for nothing. I did, however, get blapped on the way back...

Fortunately he was nice enough to also blap my pod (he asked me first), so I did not have to slow-warp all the way back him.

That was fun!

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