Saturday, 8 August 2015

Player Corporations

For those that ever bothered to read my CSMX campaign thread... well they know where I stand on this issue.

After all the fuss that went up last year, CCP got around to making AWOXing optional for corporations. This means that... if an AWOX takes place it is not only unfortunate, but really the fault of the corporation getting AWOXd.

However this single change to the corporation system has changed nothing with regards to the necessity of making it possible to have a player "corporation" that is purely social. (see my campaign thread...). The fact is, that forcing players to be "social" increases player retention .... there was even CCP statistics about this.

Just theoretically limiting the possibility of an AWOX does not nearly go far enough in covering all the "sociability" options that should be available for players otherwise doomed to be roaming in NPC corporations.

The ability to make a group identity, whilst not having any effect whatsoever on gameplay, will still cover an important niche that is otherwise left wide open. This will be a help for all those players that would totally do this.... without taking anything away from the more hardcore corporations, that still require player contributions in order to pretend to be meaningfull.....

try it and see!

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