Tuesday, 27 February 2018

CSM XIII Call For Candidates!

Finally CCP gets around to officially doing this:

Applications are open – March 19 - 23

How to apply
There are two steps to applying:
  1. Fill in the application form (link will be provided in a follow up news item when candicay opens) between 12:00 AM on March 26 and 12:00 AM on March 30th. The form will return a confirmation if the application goes through. Beware session time-outs and make sure to save your text in a document. If you don‘t get a confirmation, re-enter the information and try again. If your application already went through, the website will inform you of that.
  2. Submit your document scans/pictures to csm-contact@ccpgames.com in high-quality with the subject „ CSM 13 application“ Both these steps need to be completed within the submission window. Applications filed outside this window or without valid documents will be rejected.

Once your application has been submitted, you are encouraged to create a campaign thread in this forum section.


I am not yet sure how to deal with what I perceive as "date confusion" on this announcement, but I am sure that it will be cleaned up in time to be relevant.

I have submitted my candidacy for the last 3 elections... and I will be doing the same again this year, you can be sure.

I shall be saying and doing pretty much the same things as the last three elections. And I shall be opening a campaign thread in the forums in the time frame suggested... no need to waste potential voters time by sounding off before I even know that I really can get an application submitted!

My previous campaigns are represented on this blog, if you look back at the old posts. There are not that many old posts. I shall do a blog post about me nearer the time.

But for the people that are watching for it... I am still in it.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I wandered through null again.

So, as usual I have taken a break from blogging, and spent my precious free time playing the game that we all love so much.

I went to nullsec again.

I don't mean Providence, which is now such a regular occurrence that it does not warrant a blogging. No I went to other parts of null, where people are not so friendly.

Having woken up to the news that CSM member Aryth arranged to buy a Keepstar from CSM member TheJudge and that goons were Hellcamping a Keepstar, I decided to pack my bags and go for a look. I have not yet watched a goon Hellcamp, nor seen a Keepstar.

I climbed in a new Interceptor, bought and fitted especially for the attempt to get there. 41 Jumps, mostly through null. On the way to 68FT I encountered a couple of warp bubbles, a smartbombing Machariel sitting at a gate, and a whole lot of silence.

I did make it there, to the System. I did have a bit of trouble locating the Keepstar that was being being Hellcamped. Fortunately someone posted a Contract in local, and I could warp to the Keepstar from there. I warped in at 100km. At last!

Unfortunately I got blown up before I could get a screenshot of the Hellcamp and the Citadel...

Jay Amazingness - I have heard of him.

That was frustrating.
So I climbed in my trusty Anathema and went back again, this time taking a route avoiding HED-GP, just to be different. Not being immune to warp bubbles, the 40-something jumps were a lot more tense.

I made it again! This time I warped in to the Keepstar at 200km, already cloaked. That felt much safer, even though I landed right between some bubbles. I could, however, get out there and make my screenshots!

I was there!

The Ice Cream is Falling Off The Cone.

I got so carried away playing with camera angles, once I figured out the CTRL-F9 trick to get rid of the UI, that I forgot I was moving. Then I decloaked, and got to take the Pod-Taxi home.

To read more about the events leading up to this, I used Wilhelm Arcturus's blog: https://tagn.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/the-imperium-buys-a-keepstar/
He has a list of links about sources.

Friday, 26 May 2017

CSM XII Voting

Well pardon me for missing the release of the Voting statistics etc. Especially after CCP went to such great lengths to make sure we noticed it.


I found it, however, and whilst I found it I managed to get careless[er].. check out zkillboard!
I guess I will write more about it when I have had time to digest it... I must say.. I am glad Xenuria gave me a run for my money!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I got hotdropped....

Waiting and waiting until CCP release the voting information from the CSM elections...
Waiting before I get all teary eyed about other voting methods that might have gotten me more votes...

Whilst waiting my corporation has been busy mining, and sometimes losing ships. Not all members are registered with zkillboard... but I am!


I got hotdropped by a Sansha's Dreadnaught whilst ratting in an asteroid belt in Provi. Crazy!

So I will keep on waiting and think about other ships I could use. Maybe also talk one of my corps into training into a sensible logi...
Hah! But it was fun!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Good to be back!

So the CSM elections went as expected. I'll post about them later... looking forward to seeing the voting information.

Time to take a breather... watch the Fanfest twitch (sadly no Security presentation) and go and relax in Provi null to get some distance from the issues that bug me. Maybe I will go on a trip around null again, like last year (http://hisec-carebear.blogspot.de/2016/04/nullsec-holiday.html).

So I went back to my base at DNR-7M. I discovered a bunch of null-ore in the corporation hanger (my Corpsmate was busy whilst I was doing high sec things) and proceeded to move it back to high sec for refining and selling.

Whilst flying back and forth I almost got caught in an interdiction bubble. Fortunately I remembered how to escape them without being made to decloak...
  Channel Name:    Local
  Listener:        Lorelei Ierendi
  Session started: 2017.04.07 11:37:03

[ 2017.04.07 11:49:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : JEIV-E
[ 2017.04.07 11:50:51 ] Lorelei Ierendi > interdiction bubble on xh gate
[ 2017.04.07 11:51:18 ] Provi Friendly > y  AntarisIX is cloaky sabre jumped back xhq most likely
[ 2017.04.07 11:51:44 ] Lorelei Ierendi > nearly got me

  Channel Name:    Private Chat (Provi Friendly)
  Listener:        Lorelei Ierendi
  Session started: 2017.04.07 11:51:59
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:02 ] Provi Friendly > o/
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:05 ] Lorelei Ierendi > o7
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:07 ] Provi Friendly > take care when he is around
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:13 ] Provi Friendly > he is a pussy but dangerous ^^
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:24 ] Provi Friendly > belonging to spectre gate camp in kbp
[ 2017.04.07 11:52:33 ] Lorelei Ierendi > there used to be a channel with intel for the region?
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:03 ] Provi Friendly > north provi intel
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:19 ] Lorelei Ierendi > thx
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:20 ] Provi Friendly > you can contact DIPLO PERSON for access
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:32 ] Provi Friendly > and the citadel for all of providence
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:33 ] Lorelei Ierendi > thanks again!
[ 2017.04.07 11:53:39 ] Provi Friendly > and blue system in catch
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:06 ] Provi Friendly > there you have to apply for access asking cva
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:29 ] Lorelei Ierendi > thanks! its good to be back!
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:35 ] Provi Friendly > http://forum.cva-eve.org/index.php?topic=3576.0
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:38 ] Provi Friendly > bw then ^^
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:41 ] Provi Friendly > *wb
[ 2017.04.07 11:54:43 ] Lorelei Ierendi > :)
[ 2017.04.07 11:55:19 ] Provi Friendly > you are a blue alt or back from inactivity ? ^^
[ 2017.04.07 11:55:28 ] Provi Friendly > already living in providence longer time ago?
[ 2017.04.07 11:56:30 ] Lorelei Ierendi > I came out here last year... got an office in DNR. After a couple of months I got drawn back into the probs of high sec.... but high sec is too problematic!
[ 2017.04.07 11:57:03 ] Provi Friendly > the?
[ 2017.04.07 11:57:14 ] Provi Friendly > ah the probs?
[ 2017.04.07 11:57:32 ] Lorelei Ierendi > non consensual pvp.... and what to do about it...
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:22 ] Provi Friendly > ah like that thingy
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:26 ] Provi Friendly > with the premits
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:31 ] Provi Friendly > forgot the name code was it
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:41 ] Provi Friendly > y in 0.0 we laugh about that guys
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:44 ] Lorelei Ierendi > yeah like that thingy.
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:54 ] Provi Friendly > like the guys in kbp are a joke aswell
[ 2017.04.07 11:58:55 ] Lorelei Ierendi > and that is why I am back in null!
[ 2017.04.07 11:59:12 ] Provi Friendly > they camp the gate and do small fast roams in severance and yulai pocket
[ 2017.04.07 11:59:18 ] Provi Friendly > but they do not search fights
[ 2017.04.07 11:59:20 ] Lorelei Ierendi > time to get some perspective... :)
[ 2017.04.07 11:59:23 ] Provi Friendly > tehy are only looking for victims
[ 2017.04.07 11:59:35 ] Provi Friendly > y null is great ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:31 ] Lorelei Ierendi > I like it here
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:41 ] Provi Friendly > y providence is unique in eve
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:45 ] Provi Friendly > with nrds
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:53 ] Lorelei Ierendi > nrds is the best!
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:54 ] Provi Friendly > most populated 0.0 space
[ 2017.04.07 12:00:59 ] Provi Friendly > indeed ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:01:12 ] Lorelei Ierendi > its like high sec should be!
[ 2017.04.07 12:01:13 ] Provi Friendly > and the neutral pilots living with us are the real ritchness of this space
[ 2017.04.07 12:01:23 ] Provi Friendly > y or all 0.0 ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:01:38 ] Provi Friendly > in fact it is ccps idea how the 0 sec space should be organized
[ 2017.04.07 12:01:54 ] Provi Friendly > and not with that pussy behaviour not blue shoot it
[ 2017.04.07 12:02:10 ] Provi Friendly > providence is the gaulic village in eve ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:02:18 ] Provi Friendly > we got the magic drink ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:02:18 ] Lorelei Ierendi > :D
[ 2017.04.07 12:02:23 ] Provi Friendly > if you know asterix ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:02:53 ] Lorelei Ierendi > I know a little asterix.... that's more my daughter's field of expertise!!
[ 2017.04.07 12:03:36 ] Provi Friendly > ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:03:49 ] Provi Friendly > it wa in fact the first "book" i read as i was little ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:03:58 ] Provi Friendly > my father had all of the comics
[ 2017.04.07 12:04:07 ] Lorelei Ierendi > nice!
[ 2017.04.07 12:04:34 ] Provi Friendly > and asterix and the golden Sickle was my first ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:05:32 ] Lorelei Ierendi > got to go afk.... lunchtime! o7 nice talking to you!
[ 2017.04.07 12:05:51 ] Provi Friendly > cu later maybe o/ ^^
[ 2017.04.07 12:09:25 ] Lorelei Ierendi > o7
And in my experience, high sec does not normally deliever random helpfulness like that. My Carebear cousins have a lot to learn.

Then I got in touch with my null-mining friend and we decided to mine.


Almost a year to the day after the last losses.....
It's good to be back in null for a while!

Fly Safely! o7


Sunday, 26 March 2017

CSM 12 Voting Ends Soon!

I know that statistically, most of the people that are going to vote do so in the first couple of days, but there is always the chance that some people are still looking for guidance if they have not already made up their minds, or had their minds made up for them.

So this is what my recommended voting list looks like (taken from my CSM forum thread). - in case any of my supporters are unsure what to do with their votes. I will happily answer any questions people have about it.

Lorelei Ierendi
commander aze
Toxic Yaken
Steve Ronuken
rhiload Feron-drake
Ariel Rin
Juvenius Drakonius
Erika Mizune
DJ Thomas

JTClone Ares

The alternates are there in case there is anyone that cannot stomach one or other of the candidates. I have already received questions about this list, and I will answer them here after the elections.

CCP have done more for the elections this year, notifications and so on. Looking forward to see if that has had any influence on the turnout.

Happy Voting!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Just Vote!

So the eve of the elections is upon us.

I would like to take this time to encourage everyone to vote, for whoever they want (or whoever their block tells them).

It would be nice, now that we have all forgotten the drama of CSMX if the percentage of participants in the voting could start climbing, so that the "playerbase representation" of the CSM could become fact instead of fiction.

I am afraid CCP has a long way to go in getting the numbers working for high sec... and from what I have observed in the last three years the interest in the CSM is dwindling...

"No and I'm also not going to look for one as I'm not going to vote." - A fairly typical response from one of my ex-Supporters on the subject of "a solution to the low turnout in High Sec Voters..."

I think it would be nice if CCP could bombard us with popups or notifications (like that cluster shutdown thing for downtime) - for example at login - so that everyone that logs into EVE is at least aware that the CSM exists.

Still I am looking forward to seeing what happens.