Wednesday, 30 December 2015

War Dec

So, I got wardecced by a corporation in High Sec (Zero Tolerance) that contains several ex-CODE. members. I don't know if they had realised that I am currently sitting in null / Provi.
So would I be arrogant in thinking that they don't want me running again?

I can't think of any reason why a high-sec CODE.-affiliated CORPS would wardec me. The CEO hasn't (as of this posting) answered my mail.

I'll keep you guys updated. I have already started working on my Campaign Opening post.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The Nosy Gamer has a very good point:

I was planning to announce my CSM candidacy before now... but things keep happening. What with all the drama around the CSM and the bigger player groups... I have been forced to confront myself.

Do I really want to join a group like the CSM and sacrifice my precious "game time" for CSM things... as opposed to doing something to directly benefit myself? Time is, after all, limited.
Having watched the CSM self destruct (or be destroyed by CCP) this year... I find a part of me feeling that I should just concentrate on getting what I can out of this game before it gets closed by some unfeeling multinational (well.... WB will probably buy it at some point).

But EVE has captured my imagination like no other game before it, or after it. I have ideas that I believe would be a real improvement... and if I had a communication-channel to the game designers, I really believe I could make a good case for them. So what is a Space-Gal to do?

Anyway, the CSM cannot carry on as it has been... and having players / accounts "vote" for a "focus group" is not ideal. ATM I am thinking that there would be more "useful" input for CCP if they chose their own "focus groups"... and collected input from different groups of players without subjecting themselves to the meta-game from players. There should, definitely, be a line drawn between Players and CCP employees anyway.

So... compared to last year, when I was sure I wanted to join the CSM and represent HiSec... I am now really thinking hard about it. And on the fence. Here are two things that I would carry over from my last campaign:

-> 50% survival chance for gankees: this can be achieved by changing the CONCORD regulation, and improving the NPE to teach ppl how to fit their ships.

-> Player groups that are not involved in game mechanics.... The ability to make a group identity that cannot be wardecced (and cannot benefit from Tax Reductions etc) would be a great thing. I know that I can just make an in-game channel.......... but the ability to create a group identity, with logo and everything.... well that would be great! (and great for microtransactions..... I would spend AURUM and stuff on that....)