Thursday, 14 January 2016

CSM XI Campaign

Well I finally made up my mind to throw my hat in the ring once again, with my focus in the area of High Sec. My CSM Campaign thread is up:

Stop by if you feel like it.

Please remember, whatever you feel about me or the other candidates, the CSM is a form of elected player representation. If no one votes, it will be eventually written off as a result of player apathy. I think that would be bad.

What the election really needs is the ability for players to vote for "none of the above", if they feel that there is no candidate that represents their interests, or if they are not interested in the CSM or player representation. This would at least settle the argument of apathy vs irrelevance. It wouldn't hurt for CCP to do something to promote the elections for those people that do not habitually read the forums or devblogs, and for those of us that do not habitually use the launcher. But then I have talked about that enough last year!

Don't let the CSM die out due to apathy.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Orca Kill

Whilst looking through my old documents, preparing for the future, I found a killmail from a long time ago. I killed an Orca.

Back then I was patrolling the gates in Uedama, entertaining dreams of zapping gankers and getting killmails. An Orca went SUSPECT. I did not think about why, I just locked and started engaging.


Yay me. I was a long way down the list. That will teach you for going suspect when I am on patrol.