Wednesday, 28 October 2015

RvB Shutting down activity.

In an attempt to try and experience PvP I had an alt for a couple of months in Blue. I took part in one fleet battle, and lost a couple of destroyers and frigates flying around Poinen.

Unfortunately, being a High Sec Carebear, the PvP life was not for me, so my alt left and went on to other things.

I still feel a pang of sadness for the death of organised High Sec PvP antics. When I was in the organisation there was lots of activities and themed weekends and stuff like that being organised! I hope that something springs up to fill the void that they are going to be leaving behind!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Name is Lorelei....

My Name is Lorelei... and I am an Altoholic.

I just now sat back and thought about how much has changed this last year.
I have exactly 6 alts capable of flying freighters through High Sec plus 2 Alts that can also fly with Jump Freighters... and 3 Alts that are just for Cynos.
I have 3 Alts with Orcas and Mining boosts... 2 Alts that have specialised in Trading Skills... 2 Alts that are Refinery... and 2 Alts that are Industry. And I have 1 Titan Pilot (I'm going to try selling him when he is finished).

I spend more time than I am actually comfortable with making sure that I have enough PLEX to keep training! Summer was hard... but my miners don't really need any more skills... and neither do the traders.

I am sitting on about 42 Billion in assets spread throughout the galaxy that I could liquefy... 8 Billion ISK that I can mobilise right now... and the rest is stuck in Sell Orders and Buy Orders. My total worth has just reached 75 Billion... which is actually why I am posting. Today I became worth 75 Billion. W00t!

Of course, if I were concentrating, I could be doing better... but sometimes I just like to log in and fly cargo between Dodixie and Jita. :-)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

High Sec moves slowly towards the spotlight!

Last year I started running for the CSM relatively early. Part of My Campaign was about the awful New Player Experience. Somewhere in the middle of My Campaign, CCP announced the new "Achievement" system. The fact that the NPE was changed right out from under me... well it made the rest of the time interesting and took away about 25% of the things that I wanted to rant and rave about!

Now new players get to start with more SP... I dodged a bullet there by waiting on this years CSM campaign.

CSM Sugar Kyle has been hosting discussions about High Sec. I am reading them with interest!

What I have to say about things is going to have to wait for a later post... I'm also too busy reading stuff at the moment!

Friday, 2 October 2015

CSM Campaign Season - Earlier Than Ever!

A couple of bloggers drew my attention to the fact that the campaign season for CSM XI is starting on the Eve Online forums. Already.

Last year I started my CSM X Campaign on 20th November. I was one of the first ones to post, and I did it after a lot of thought, and checking out how much time I would (theoretically) have available in the coming year. I was actually quite hesitant to post so soon because I was worried that I might burn out on the campaign before the real heavy election season started. Of course, I was also worried that when given enough time, I would manage to completely put my foot in my mouth and ruin everything.

In the end, I decided to make an early start, because no one knew me in game. I felt I would need that time to make an impression, so that people would know who I am and what I was standing for.

End of September / Beginning of October is for me, much too early! I am planning to run on a high sec platform again, but before I officially commit on the forums, I have to be sure (inasmuch as that can be forseen) that I have enough time to do the job.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Harbinger Down

So one of the things I have been trying to do a bit of this year, is to get a little experience (scratch the very, very surface) of things other than being a plain old Carebear.

This way I feel more justified in saying that I am a Carebear. And I am.

Anyway, I moved out to Provi to experience the thrills there. The people so far have been very nice, very friendly. I even made up a corporation office there to facilitate things!

And today I lost a ship, and an MTU.

but not my pod!

I learned some things and am wiser for the experience!

This is, more or less, what happened:

Having taken to trying mining in null sec, we wanted to bring our Orca out, to get some fleet boosts. I scouted the pipe from the border of high sec to the base. At the gate in JEIV-E there were a group of rats sitting there. Having learned that null sec rats sometimes scramble and web (and other nasty things) I decided to remove them from the way.

Once the Orca was safely underway, I went and got in my trusty Harbinger, and flew out to engage the rats in the ultimate battle of wits and courage. There were four of them.

Being lazy as I sometimes am, I threw out the MTU to drag all the wrecks together. The MTU sucks all the loot out of the wrecks and they are all nicely together within the range of salvaging equipment. Whilst I was busy salvaging, a Caracal warped in and landed about 60 km away - by the Stargate. Whilst the fight with the rats was going on, several people had flown past, and at first - this being NRDS territory - I did not think much of it... until he started locking me.

So I tried running. Before I could get into warp, he had closed in and scrammed me. Then his friend in the Stratios came. They overcame my tank, and my ship popped. I warped my pod away, and vowed to check the status of my fellow pilots in local - next time.

The Orca made it safely to the destination!