Friday, 2 October 2015

CSM Campaign Season - Earlier Than Ever!

A couple of bloggers drew my attention to the fact that the campaign season for CSM XI is starting on the Eve Online forums. Already.

Last year I started my CSM X Campaign on 20th November. I was one of the first ones to post, and I did it after a lot of thought, and checking out how much time I would (theoretically) have available in the coming year. I was actually quite hesitant to post so soon because I was worried that I might burn out on the campaign before the real heavy election season started. Of course, I was also worried that when given enough time, I would manage to completely put my foot in my mouth and ruin everything.

In the end, I decided to make an early start, because no one knew me in game. I felt I would need that time to make an impression, so that people would know who I am and what I was standing for.

End of September / Beginning of October is for me, much too early! I am planning to run on a high sec platform again, but before I officially commit on the forums, I have to be sure (inasmuch as that can be forseen) that I have enough time to do the job.

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