Sunday, 20 November 2016

Not sure what to say!

Well.... I was going to wait until the launch of the Alpha Clone update before talking about CSM candidacy.... or in fact anything else.

Unfortunately, since the update, I cannot create a new clone. Every time I try (on this computer or another) the game crashes as soon as I try to change the age of my new clone. So I have not yet got to experience the new NPE.
I will keep on working on it! (and by that I mean trying and continually restarting my computer).

Monday, 10 October 2016

CCP Support during the CSM Election

Busy tanking my energy whilst waiting for the new campaign season. Scanning and Hacking sites is surprisingly relaxing...

Some things have developed in the direction of positive with regards to New Players.... which can only be positive.

But what is occupying my mind at the moment....

I have been getting in game notifications about Dev Blogs.
Why is this in game notification system not being used to remind people to vote in a CSM election? How else are the ignorant high-sec carebears to gain a representative against organised null-sec blocks??

If I were Gevlon, I would have a theory.....

Thursday, 4 August 2016


So I have been having problems ever since the new launcher was released... every time I log in I have to resubscribe to all my chat channels. Very annoying.

The Citadels and the changes to the trading in New Eden have also created interesting situations for me, and my income has dropped, because I have not been prepared (until now... or maybe later) to invest the time to make the changes needed. Too busy running exploring alts.

Apart from getting skill points just for killing a rat or two... maybe Exploring is my new future... stay tuned!

Saturday, 25 June 2016


As a British person living and working in Germany for the last fifteen years I have been following the ups and downs back home with regards to the discussion about the EU.

When I woke up on Friday morning, I just couldn't get this scene from one of my favourite movies (the one that inspired me to study medicine) out of my head. It is only 10 seconds long... and well worth a look!


So the last few weeks have been quite busy for me. The release of the Citadels and the crash in the PLEX market created a need for quite some restructuring of my game. Fortunately I have enough alts to have taken advantage of the Skill Injector Boom at the start.

Slowly looking at getting more into exploration again at the moment. Scanning stuff down and running sites is making a nice change compared to mining fleet ops, industry and buy orders.

Friday, 13 May 2016

CSMXI Election Voting

Just a quickie:

The statistics have been released.... there were less voters than last year.
I was the 7th to last eliminated out of 53 candidates. Interesting to see how the voting worked.

Monday, 2 May 2016


2016 is looking like it is going to be an interesting year... just not so much for me. And now that the novelty of "that war" is wearing off... it is back to the grindstone. I heard that profits from exploring and data sites and stuff got run down. So maybe it is time for me to do more of that!

So this is a blog post very worth a read:

The thing I noticed or thought about Fanfest this year, was that I really missed the Security presentation. That was, for me, the highlight of the information from the last two years...

So 85% of people play in high sec, and very few % of them are in any way organised, or active and connected to the community enough to get any way involved in CSM type things. Thank heavens CCP can organise focus groups without having to take the CSM into account... because I don't know how otherwise they could get to the point behind at least 85% of the problems that new players have. I am looking forward to finding out!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Corporation Recruiting!

My corporation, We Care A Lot [W-CAL], is opening recruiting.

We offer taxes of 0.5% and illegal friendly fire for anyone that wants to join for any reason!

My main interest / focus is hauling in High Sec... but I do other stuff too! The corporation is open to anyone interested in doing anything except non-consensual PVP. That's right... I do not want gankers or pirates joining my corporation. I expect people interested in wardeccing will not be joining anyway!

There is no compulsion to do anything social within my corporation. Nothing is being organised. You can enjoy the low taxes and go about your business. If the membership grows enough, I might look into organising some things such as Mining Fleets, Hauling Fleets and so on. Maybe even SRP and stuff like that... well I could imagine it.

What do you need to join?

Simply register your combat log API with so we can keep a check that you aren't secretly ganking. Either that or send me in an EVEmail your combat log API directly (if you do not want to be open to public scrutiny!). In addition to clicking on the "apply to corporation" button, you should probably also send me an EVEmail... otherwise I might not notice your application in time. In any case you should be patient... it might take a couple of days for me to get to accepting applications!

Give it a try, or not.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

CSM XI Results

The results are in, and it was a good day for null sec!

I would still like to thank everyone that voted for me, and everyone that voted! If the Institution that is the CSM survives another year, I expect that you will find me waving the flag of High Sec again next time!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Nullsec Holiday.

So there is a war going on. After refining the arts of nullsec living in the super friendly and comfortable region of Providence, and having finished my copy of The Eve History Book I decided to go on a tour, visit some of the places that I have heard about.

I packed up my stuff and loaded it into my trusty Helios, and headed out for a nullsec look-see. My round trip of wandering was to take me about 90 Jumps through all security types, and maybe I would even see some fighting!

First on my list of things to visit was the wreck of Steve. The journey there was uneventful, hardly anyone or anything in local at all. The wreck still hangs majestically in space.

This was the first time I had seen anything remotely connected to a Titan live in space! I had to be a bit cautious because of the rats hanging around, and didn't dare to get as close as I would have liked to.
The next location on my list was the Titanomachy monument to The Bloodbath at B-... 33 Jumps through contiguous nullsec space.

The trip until now had been remarkably uneventful. I came across the remains of a gate camp, that slowed me down a little bit, and caused me to be extra careful for the next few jumps making sure I did not just fly along the pipe between the gates. It added a bit to my travel time!

The Titanomachy Monument is surrounded by the wrecks and debris of the battle. Multiple Titan wrecks can be orbited and examined. I really enjoyed experimenting with the first-person cockpit view and trying my luck at flying!

After the exploration it was time to start heading back home. I had some excitement getting chased through a few systems, but my Helios was quicker than the pursuing ships, and over the course of a few jumps I managed to outrun them.

As luck would have it, on the very last gate in null there was a camp. This was the first time I had seen a camp where the bubbles were in the pipe about 100km from the gate! So my "warp to 100" method of staying alive did not help me here!

I did, however, like a professional care bear, save my pod!

Since then I have been elsewhere as well. I watched the scrapping on the Imperium's Saranen undock for a while. I photographed Goonswarm territorial control units and hubs, whilst they still exist. I ran into a gate camp in the EWOK system and got a pod killmail with 66 people on it.

It has been fun!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Zopiclone FoF?

So I was hanging out in New Eden, amongst others in the anti-ganking channel:
  Channel ID:      - 49826306
  Channel Name:    Anti-ganking
  Listener:        Lorelei Ierendi
  Session started:  2016.04.17 20:05:19
[ 2016.04.17 20:09:09 ] Chinwhe > Zoiclone is cool as f**k
[ 2016.04.17 20:09:17 ] Chinwhe > end of story
[ 2016.04.17 20:10:04 ] Gillian Newhouse > He was ganking last week though
[ 2016.04.17 20:10:27 ] Gillian Newhouse > with Snigie from code
[ 2016.04.17 20:10:30 ] Gillian Newhouse > see killboard
[ 2016.04.17 20:10:50 ] Lorelei Ierendi > trying to work out why he is showing "orange".... but
its only that he joined a non-provi-friendly corp
[ 2016.04.17 20:10:55 ] Chinwhe > ganking shmanking
[ 2016.04.17 20:11:19 ] Zopiclone > Gillian Newhouse it was for a new project of mine. sorry :(
[ 2016.04.17 20:11:23 ] Chinwhe > anti-code = cool
[ 2016.04.17 20:11:44 ] Zopiclone > This game will make you do crazy things to get to where you
want to be.
[ 2016.04.17 20:11:59 ] Zopiclone > crazy cool things.
[ 2016.04.17 20:12:19 ] Lorelei Ierendi > but you were
ganking yesterday?
[ 2016.04.17 20:12:25 ] Zopiclone > I havent seen too many uedama fleets lately what happened?
[ 2016.04.17 20:12:41 ] Zopiclone > 2 days ago  Lorelei Ierendi . like I said another angle I am
working on.
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:00 ] Lorelei Ierendi > well if CODE. are dumb enough to keep working on you,
I look forward to the story!
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:10 ] Zopiclone > :D
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:14 ] Chinwhe > ganking isn't all bad.... I am 100% cool with ganking AFKers
and botters
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:15 ] Keisari Shi > angle of ganking miners =)
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:32 ] Chinwhe > play or die
[ 2016.04.17 20:13:47 ] Zopiclone > I strongly believe in the golden rules of eve...
[ 2016.04.17 20:14:02 ] Zopiclone > Ie the one that says if you undock you are in danger and
play accordingly.
[ 2016.04.17 20:14:33 ] Chinwhe > agreed, that's what makes EVE what it is
[ 2016.04.17 20:14:47 ] Zopiclone > yeah... very high energy game.
[ 2016.04.17 20:15:13 ] Chinwhe > but harrament (bumping non stop for no good reason) is lame as
[ 2016.04.17 20:15:22 ] Zopiclone > so did you guys shut down Uedama or something? I havent seen
any fleets there.
[ 2016.04.17 20:15:33 ] Chinwhe > and i forgot some letters but whatever
[ 2016.04.17 20:16:24 ] Chinwhe > maybe kinda... we have new tactics against freighter ganks
that seem to be really F'ing with their heads
[ 2016.04.17 20:16:41 ] Zopiclone > counter bumps?
[ 2016.04.17 20:17:27 ] Chinwhe > yes, that and then some
[ 2016.04.17 20:17:59 ] Chinwhe > a little birdy told us some cool stuff
[ 2016.04.17 20:18:02 ] Chinwhe > haha
[ 2016.04.17 20:18:08 ] Zopiclone > :)

In one of my previous blogs, I commented on the 40 Billion ISK theft that Zopiclone managed by one of the CODE. corporations... amongst other things he ingratiated himself with CODE. by helping to gank a lot of innocent care bears.

Now Zopiclone is ganking again with CODE. people... because he says it is "something new" he is working on.

So, I ask you: is it ok to gank innocent carebear miners/haulers (to the tune of multiple hundreds of billions) in order to steal 40 Billion ISK from an alliance?

Monday, 11 April 2016

Small Tip: Avoid getting ganked on Jita - Amarr Pipe

So, I do a lot of freightering, transporting and so on. Up until now I have had the fortune to not get ganked... I have (as far as I remember) escaped Machariel bumping in a Charon three times. That is, of course, mainly dependent on:

1) The bumper lacking some experience, or being distracted by something such as TeamSpeak or Netflix...

2) Getting bumped more or less towards a warpable celestial or something similar (see 1).

But this post is not about how to escape once being bumped.

The Jita - Amarr pipe is one of the most heavily / regularly ganked routes in High Sec. The vast majority of the ganks are centered around Niarja and Madirmilire.

Did you know that if you set the system Madirmilire to "Avoid" you miss the hotspots of Madirmilire  / Niarja Gate, and Madirmilire / Ashab gate? Your route then goes through Niarja-Bahromab... a much less ganked gate. So even if autopiloting, taking this route can increase your survivability.

Jita - Amarr is 9 Jumps.
Jita - Amarr avoiding Madirmilire is 12 Jumps. That is not much of a time increase if you are jumping... and if autopiloting it gives just about time for another cup of coffee. I must admit, I have hardly noticed it since I started doing it.


Monday, 4 April 2016

Provi Gate Camp

So  lost another ship in null sec... and learned something again.

In the run up to the CSM election campaign I was doing a lot of mining in Provi... at least by my terms. I ended up with over five hundred thousand cubic meters of ore. Transporting it back to my industrial center in high sec was going to be a challenge... and the first challenge was getting it out of null... one Prorator at a time... 58 trips to the High Sec border base and back. One day I shall bring my jump freighter out here, I swear it!

So I broke it up, did a few trips now and again. Not terribly efficient and not terribly fun.

Anyway, today there was a gate camp on the null side of the Dital gate. I flew through it a couple of times in my Blockade Runner, without really paying too much attention... because that is what blockade runners should be good for, right?

Then... LAG*... I landed on the gate but didn't jump.

And they got my empty pod too. Well it saved me having to get back to base. If anyone wants to sell me my corpse I am open to negotiations!

So :

Lesson #1 (yet again): Sort the overview out! Getting slack making people red and blue lulled me (this time) into a false sense of security... as opposed to (other times) when it makes me overly paranoid.

Lesson #2 (yet again): This is not high sec. Even though I can covop warp, warping to 0 is bad. If the gate doesn't decloak you... their drones will.

Lesson #3 (yet again): Do not panic! From experience I know that frantically clicking stuff does not make it happen quicker.... just slows the computer down.

hmm.... seems like I had already learned that before. My bad!

Lesson #4: being familiar with your ships counts for a lot. I ended up back at home base... jumped in my trusty Prospect without waiting too long... and made it through the camp with no problems. Actually the Prospect can carry more ore than my current Prorator fit.

Friday, 1 April 2016

CODE. robbed.

Interesting news coming out of the last day or so... not just from the war that is going on in null.

CODE. was robbed of more than 40 Billion ISK by favorite:

In order to carry out the theft, Zopiclone spent nearly a year in the midst of the New Order. She ganked or helped gank more than 1 Trillion ISK in Care Bear ships. Then finally she pulled off her "master" stroke:

This victory was posted on reddit:

I have ganked ships ( ) I regularly have to answer for this when I am flying around in Providence. But as I said in my campaign thread for CSM X... each of my "victims" was reimbursed for more than their ship was worth.

In the context of EVE Online... going undercover for nearly a year to rob an Alliance / Corporation for revenge is an heroic effort and worthy of attention. But my heart bleeds for the victims, and I find myself asking myself if it was worth the death and destruction of so many Carebears just to take (in comparison) relatively little back. Alone in this month the New Order received from 1 (one) player 142 Billion in donations ( ).

I do however think it inappropriate to count this as a principled strike against the New Order, because there should be something about doing more harm than good... and killing 1 Trillion ISK of my Care Bear cousins just to steal (only) 50 Billion ISK back is anything but proportional.

It is, however, still a good story. o7

Saturday, 19 March 2016


So... on the off-chance that I do get elected, I have written to our CSM-CONTACT address at CCP asking for more information about the first summit... at the moment the only information we have is: probably May.

Have to plan the timetable for May now... who works what weekends and nights. I have enough overtime that I could maybe take a week off... just need to know when!

If anyone gets or reads any more information... please let me know!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Local Chat

The elections are still open... so vote!

I have not blogged in a couple of days *cough* so here is something else I am pulling from my most fascinating and interesting campaign thread... campaign for the CSM elections, that is.


I said:

"...Local chat could also be changed to provide less free "intel" to people. No need to announce to everyone who is in local... just the number of pilots..."

In my forum thread someone said:

"...Why do you feel the "free intel" doesn't hinder gankers more than it helps them?  Miners or haulers will usually be at predictable places (ice anom, ore anom, belts, transiting gates).  On the other hand a gank fleet can hide out at any spot off-grid, but is easily seen in local..."

Which I did not really understand, but I responded....

"...Good question.

An answer is:

Gank fleets will usually have members that have a negative sec status and will therefore be at predictable places (eg docked up to avoid faction police...) and only undocking to gank. Then they will undock and attack. There are many systems where there are more anomalies and belts than stations..."


One of the things I have noticed, this year more than last, is that there are most definitely more sides to every story / idea.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Pop-Up Quickie

When I got online today, I got a notification and a pop up telling me about a competition for the billboards... and linking a Forum post by CCP Falcon.

Wouldn't it be great if they used this notification technology to remind people to vote in the CSM election? I am sure there is a large proportion of the player base that does not know what a CSM is.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A short jump in Minerbumping!

So, I joined the Minerbumping channel in the interest of fairness. I also joined their Alliance forums. Unfortunately I don't really get to discuss things.... just end up put down and stuff. Please compare this to the chat with the Anti-Ganking channel last year (see previous posts).

What fun!

[22:25:12] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Jacques Olivier I believe, you have read Lorelei Lerendi's CSM program. For her, a "fair" gank should have a 50% chance of the victim getting away, based on some arbitrary mechanic of CONCORD travelling around the system.
[22:25:43] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Korean-style randomness is where true carebears find solace. Nothing of certainty.
[22:26:19] Aaaarrgg > well since the vast majority of folk dont get ganked because they tank or are smart, id say 99.99% of folk get away already
[22:26:30] Jacques Olivier > ^
[22:27:28] Jacques Olivier > And frankly the majority don't get ganked because they simply haven't had the good fortune of drawing an Agent's attention
[22:27:38] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > It's failure to understand that the real battle takes place before the gank, not during it.
[22:28:00] Jacques Olivier > Understanding that would require actually knowing something about ganking
[22:28:10] Aaaarrgg > or EVE
[22:28:15] Superdude Ostus > /emote doesnt know anything about ganking
[22:28:57] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > wel tomorrow all the afk ppl get a buffed tank
[22:29:23] Pandorath > mehh
[22:29:25] Jacques Olivier > And logoff tank gets massively buffed
[22:30:49] Lorelei Ierendi > can't access the forums atm. is the patch really coming tomorrow?
[22:31:00] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > yes
[22:31:10] Lorelei Ierendi > great :/
[22:32:12] Pandorath > Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri this Lorelei Ierendi?
[22:32:56] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath yes
[22:32:57] Pandorath > how can someone running for CSM be so oblivious to mechanics
[22:33:04] Pandorath > are you stupid?
[22:33:13] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath ?
[22:33:21] Pandorath > 50% chance roll on a gank
[22:33:27] Pandorath > for the guy getting ganked to get away?
[22:33:36] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath what are you talking about?
[22:33:49] Pandorath > Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Jacques Olivier I believe, you have read Lorelei Lerendi's CSM program. For her, a "fair" gank should have a 50% chance of the victim getting away, based on some arbitrary mechanic of CONCORD travelling around the system.
[22:34:00] Lorelei Ierendi > oh that.
[22:34:03] Pandorath > yeah
[22:34:06] Pandorath > what is that
[22:34:10] Lorelei Ierendi > I'd suggest you read the thread
[22:34:30] Lorelei Ierendi > there is more to it than the CODE. version.
[22:34:31] Pandorath > well im past hoping on what eve CSM get us in a year
[22:34:39] Lorelei Ierendi > but CODE. is voting for Xenuria.
[22:34:39] Pandorath > this game will be fucked in a few months
[22:34:52] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath some ppl say it is already
[22:34:56] Pandorath > so no i wont read your CSM thread
[22:35:07] Lorelei Ierendi > yeah save yourself the time
[22:35:21] Pandorath > but if 50% chance of getting away is in any way real then you know nothing about ganking
[22:35:26] Pandorath > we already have a 50% roll on loot
[22:35:36] Lorelei Ierendi > ah
[22:35:39] Pandorath > thats enough random
[22:35:43] Lorelei Ierendi > but
[22:35:54] Pandorath > dice is fun?
[22:35:55] Lorelei Ierendi > there is no point discussing further
[22:35:59] Pandorath > right
[22:36:21] Lorelei Ierendi > because you are basing your comments based on something someone said about what I said. not actually about what I said.
[22:36:47] Lorelei Ierendi > which is funny
[22:36:48] Pandorath > ok il eyeball the thread
[22:37:08] Lorelei Ierendi > I've ganked. I even killed an orca once.
[22:37:17] Lorelei Ierendi > well... as part of a fleet
[22:37:28] Pandorath > i solo ganked freighters
[22:37:30] Lorelei Ierendi > well.... ok. I whored on an orca kill.
[22:37:55] Pandorath > bumps 8 dps freighter looting dst tagging etc
[22:38:13] Pandorath > so i guess salah misread it and its 50% chance of getting concorded?
[22:38:24] Lorelei Ierendi > keep reading
[22:38:32] Daxter Alabel > so much bitching in here, not enough killmails
[22:38:32] Pandorath > i dont think gankers getting away would do anything good
[22:38:44] Pandorath > id rather get killed every time
[22:39:05] Pandorath > law of averages would screw us because CCP would feel the need to compensate
[22:39:12] Lorelei Ierendi > well Id rather not get ganked with a concord squad sitting next to me. Id rather they were not there.
[22:39:13] Pandorath > it would still only introduce RNG into the ganks
[22:39:24] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > its what a csm dude wants, not whats gona hapen
[22:39:33] Pandorath > yeah
[22:39:33] Jacques Olivier > Look, you can't talk about CONCORD and realism
[22:39:34] Lorelei Ierendi > 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg exactly
[22:39:35] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > ccp does not care about csm anyways
[22:39:38] Cyclo Hexanol > Kill: Borgdude (Charon) Kill: Borgdude (Capsule) Autopiloting through hisec and then lowsec. Shame.
[22:39:43] Pandorath > CSM hardly matter
[22:39:50] Jacques Olivier > Because CONCORD are, mechanically, omnipotent space gods
[22:39:50] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath exactly
[22:40:00] Lorelei Ierendi > Jacques Olivier exactly
[22:40:08] Jacques Olivier > They have infinite strength ECM, infinite strength neuts and infinite damage death rays
[22:40:18] Pandorath > and were voting for xenuria because hes a social hazard bomb
[22:40:18] Jacques Olivier > If you want that shit neuted, sure
[22:40:22] Jacques Olivier > *nerfed
[22:40:33] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath I know.
[22:40:38] Pandorath > we want CCP to have to deal with him as one. last. fuck. you.
[22:40:56] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath I know. I just find it sad.
[22:41:06] Pandorath > i know xenuria i flew with him
[22:41:27] Pandorath > hes not a bad guy but hes terrible at being social
[22:41:32] Jacques Olivier > Well personally I put toxic yaken and vic jefferson at the top of my ballot, but they're not getting in so it's a vote for xenuria
[22:41:33] loyalanon >
[22:42:24] Lorelei Ierendi > anyway, its been fun listening to y'all, but I gotta get my beauty sleep. Fly safe!


I would be interested to know what Xenuria feels about being the "teach CCP a lesson" candidate... and what CCP feels about it. If I get onto the CSM I will ask!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Just... just vote!

Just posting part of one of my responses to an EVE mail for future reference... maybe I can quote it again!
The fact is that High sec is, at the moment, the poor mad uncle (...) and it will take time to change that. First we need a voice (for example on the CSM) that can demonstrate that it is "rational, well thought" and not just a "ultracarebear-I-want-theme-park" type. Quite apart from the problems with the CSM... and how the leaks and null-blocks are abusing it... we need to show that we (both individually, and as a group) are more than just those individuals that post tear threads on the forums.
BTW, if you set Madimiire to avoid... the Amarr-Jita run with a freighter is not much longer... and you avoid the main gank point on the Niarja, Madimiire gate. Escaping being bumped is harder, but possible if the bumper is not one of the "experts". Of course it also depends on luck as well.
However you decide to vote, please vote. The biggest block facing High Sec is actually the apathy of its players!
I am looking forward to seeing when the voting has actually been done by people... do they vote more in the beginning or at the end... judging by my correspondence a lot of people are still sitting on the fence with voting.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

This is a reposting of a post in my campaign thread... for posterity.
Just thought I would share a mail (with permission of the original author) that is fairly typical of the message I am getting from High Sec people that might support me. This is (one of) the reasons why I took so long this year before announcing my candidacy. Any "High Sec" orientated platform, irrespective of how reasonable it tries to be, has to deal with the apathy of the high sec residents, compared to the massive null-blocs.
Every voter or supporter that stops, because of disillusionment with the process or the institution, damages the Highsec candidates more than their Null-brethren.

It is an uphill struggle.

From: A Supporter
Sent: 2016.01.14 22:34
To: Lorelei Ierendi, List of other supporters

Hi Lorelei,

I'm not sure if there will be a CSM endorsement list for/from COMMUNITY this year. I did it the last two years with the feedback from some others but by now I'm convinced that the CSM as a whole does more harm than good - especially long term. While I'm certain that there are a few individuals who really have the wellbeing of the game at heart and who do good and constructive work on the CSM, many others try to use it to drive the agenda of their respective nullsec bloc, profit from it personally or worse: are sockpuppets for their bloc leaders.

Unfortunately CCP doesn't include an option to abstain from voting in order to differentiate people like me from people who have never heard of the CSM or that there is a vote for it (and there are many), so not voting at all is the only choice CCP gives me and that is what I intend to do.

So unless somebody else steps up in order to dive into the numerous threads in the CSM forum and other sources and put together a list of good candidates, there won't be a CSM list from COMMUNITY this year.

However: Feel free to drop into the channel at any time to present and discuss your ideas with the residents.
Also: please be aware that this is my personal opinion, not that of the COMMUNITY moderation team as a whole.


A Supporter

Having an option to "actively" abstain from voting is one of the things I would advocate... a way to tell the difference between apathy and disillusionment.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Provoked and Accused.

So... someone tried to provoke and accuse me on my Campaign Thread!
As if these people did not learn a lesson last year.

Just for future reference, here is a mail I sent to the organizer of Eve Vote Match, before the elections opened on 29th February:

Re: Please remember to fill in your Vote Match profile.
From: Lorelei Ierendi
Sent: 2016.02.27 23:15

Firstly thanks for doing this!
Secondly, some questions were very hard to answer, because none of the available answers fit what I am thinking... (eg the Suicide Ganking question). I know that it is not possible to cover all options in a multi-choice format... but if there was a "none of the above" option... candidates could then explain their answer.
Keep on trucking... and remember to Vote!!!
Vote for whoever!
Just remember you have to live (play) with the consequences.

Monday, 29 February 2016

CSM Elections start.

The CSM Elections are open.

If you have been reading the other bloggers commenting on the elections, you will know that some of them even had me on their "lists". No really, check it out! (Even if Mike did get my name wrong).

This makes me happy.

So whoever you like or don't like, don't forget to vote.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

CSM XI Campaign

Well I finally made up my mind to throw my hat in the ring once again, with my focus in the area of High Sec. My CSM Campaign thread is up:

Stop by if you feel like it.

Please remember, whatever you feel about me or the other candidates, the CSM is a form of elected player representation. If no one votes, it will be eventually written off as a result of player apathy. I think that would be bad.

What the election really needs is the ability for players to vote for "none of the above", if they feel that there is no candidate that represents their interests, or if they are not interested in the CSM or player representation. This would at least settle the argument of apathy vs irrelevance. It wouldn't hurt for CCP to do something to promote the elections for those people that do not habitually read the forums or devblogs, and for those of us that do not habitually use the launcher. But then I have talked about that enough last year!

Don't let the CSM die out due to apathy.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Orca Kill

Whilst looking through my old documents, preparing for the future, I found a killmail from a long time ago. I killed an Orca.

Back then I was patrolling the gates in Uedama, entertaining dreams of zapping gankers and getting killmails. An Orca went SUSPECT. I did not think about why, I just locked and started engaging.


Yay me. I was a long way down the list. That will teach you for going suspect when I am on patrol.