Monday, 4 April 2016

Provi Gate Camp

So  lost another ship in null sec... and learned something again.

In the run up to the CSM election campaign I was doing a lot of mining in Provi... at least by my terms. I ended up with over five hundred thousand cubic meters of ore. Transporting it back to my industrial center in high sec was going to be a challenge... and the first challenge was getting it out of null... one Prorator at a time... 58 trips to the High Sec border base and back. One day I shall bring my jump freighter out here, I swear it!

So I broke it up, did a few trips now and again. Not terribly efficient and not terribly fun.

Anyway, today there was a gate camp on the null side of the Dital gate. I flew through it a couple of times in my Blockade Runner, without really paying too much attention... because that is what blockade runners should be good for, right?

Then... LAG*... I landed on the gate but didn't jump.

And they got my empty pod too. Well it saved me having to get back to base. If anyone wants to sell me my corpse I am open to negotiations!

So :

Lesson #1 (yet again): Sort the overview out! Getting slack making people red and blue lulled me (this time) into a false sense of security... as opposed to (other times) when it makes me overly paranoid.

Lesson #2 (yet again): This is not high sec. Even though I can covop warp, warping to 0 is bad. If the gate doesn't decloak you... their drones will.

Lesson #3 (yet again): Do not panic! From experience I know that frantically clicking stuff does not make it happen quicker.... just slows the computer down.

hmm.... seems like I had already learned that before. My bad!

Lesson #4: being familiar with your ships counts for a lot. I ended up back at home base... jumped in my trusty Prospect without waiting too long... and made it through the camp with no problems. Actually the Prospect can carry more ore than my current Prorator fit.

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