Friday, 1 April 2016

CODE. robbed.

Interesting news coming out of the last day or so... not just from the war that is going on in null.

CODE. was robbed of more than 40 Billion ISK by favorite:

In order to carry out the theft, Zopiclone spent nearly a year in the midst of the New Order. She ganked or helped gank more than 1 Trillion ISK in Care Bear ships. Then finally she pulled off her "master" stroke:

This victory was posted on reddit:

I have ganked ships ( ) I regularly have to answer for this when I am flying around in Providence. But as I said in my campaign thread for CSM X... each of my "victims" was reimbursed for more than their ship was worth.

In the context of EVE Online... going undercover for nearly a year to rob an Alliance / Corporation for revenge is an heroic effort and worthy of attention. But my heart bleeds for the victims, and I find myself asking myself if it was worth the death and destruction of so many Carebears just to take (in comparison) relatively little back. Alone in this month the New Order received from 1 (one) player 142 Billion in donations ( ).

I do however think it inappropriate to count this as a principled strike against the New Order, because there should be something about doing more harm than good... and killing 1 Trillion ISK of my Care Bear cousins just to steal (only) 50 Billion ISK back is anything but proportional.

It is, however, still a good story. o7

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