Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Corporation Recruiting!

My corporation, We Care A Lot [W-CAL], is opening recruiting.

We offer taxes of 0.5% and illegal friendly fire for anyone that wants to join for any reason!

My main interest / focus is hauling in High Sec... but I do other stuff too! The corporation is open to anyone interested in doing anything except non-consensual PVP. That's right... I do not want gankers or pirates joining my corporation. I expect people interested in wardeccing will not be joining anyway!

There is no compulsion to do anything social within my corporation. Nothing is being organised. You can enjoy the low taxes and go about your business. If the membership grows enough, I might look into organising some things such as Mining Fleets, Hauling Fleets and so on. Maybe even SRP and stuff like that... well I could imagine it.

What do you need to join?

Simply register your combat log API with so we can keep a check that you aren't secretly ganking. Either that or send me in an EVEmail your combat log API directly (if you do not want to be open to public scrutiny!). In addition to clicking on the "apply to corporation" button, you should probably also send me an EVEmail... otherwise I might not notice your application in time. In any case you should be patient... it might take a couple of days for me to get to accepting applications!

Give it a try, or not.

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