Saturday, 8 August 2015

Player Corporations

For those that ever bothered to read my CSMX campaign thread... well they know where I stand on this issue.

After all the fuss that went up last year, CCP got around to making AWOXing optional for corporations. This means that... if an AWOX takes place it is not only unfortunate, but really the fault of the corporation getting AWOXd.

However this single change to the corporation system has changed nothing with regards to the necessity of making it possible to have a player "corporation" that is purely social. (see my campaign thread...). The fact is, that forcing players to be "social" increases player retention .... there was even CCP statistics about this.

Just theoretically limiting the possibility of an AWOX does not nearly go far enough in covering all the "sociability" options that should be available for players otherwise doomed to be roaming in NPC corporations.

The ability to make a group identity, whilst not having any effect whatsoever on gameplay, will still cover an important niche that is otherwise left wide open. This will be a help for all those players that would totally do this.... without taking anything away from the more hardcore corporations, that still require player contributions in order to pretend to be meaningfull.....

try it and see!

Monday, 3 August 2015


The Nosy Gamer posted something, a summary of something that a lot of us already have been following:

I actually do not want to talk about this.
But there are enough people out there that do not understand the STV that I feel the need to write something.

Having one CSM member claim that he is releasing a statement in the name of the entire (active) CSM is not very nice... when it is not true.

Sugar Kyle disputed that she was part of the "UNANIMOUS".

Apparently CSM Jayne tried to backtrack on the issue of speaking for all of the CSM without a mandate to do so... and failed. The Nosy Gamer published a convincing review of the situation, and I would recommend that everyone (that is interested in the CSM and EVE politics) read it.

Sounds like a fun year!


So I have been having too much fun playing EVE to spend time writing atm.

My Corpsmate (not my alt... despite what people might think) managed finally to get himself ganked by the New Order... not as easy as one might suspect!


Concord really sucks.
I think the mechanics could really use a beef-up in order to:

1) Make sense.

I think that having a CONCORD patrol sitting next to you in an asteroid belt whilst you get ganked is a bit... strange. I mean they are right there!

Similarly, having CONCORD take exactly the same amount of time to warp to a belt... and save a life is not so realistic! (OMG - talking about realism in a game about blowing up spaceships).

Having CONCORD being able to be manipulated by everything and everyone like a gullible child is also not conducive to taking them seriously.

2) Make things more fun.

I mean, being able to exactly predict and calculate everything... is not so exciting (IMHO).

I haven't really run any numbers on this... not like (for example):
But my gut feeling is.... bring a random factor to the fight!

I can envisage a world where CONCORD response is random, with a range based upon the SEC of the system. CONCORD does not then sit (like police in a donut shop) where they spawn, but once the criminals have been punished... the CONCORD squads fly off in search of new targets.

If the random response time has an average that is not significantly different from the current numbers... then *on average* the ganker-types would not be disadvantaged. This would remove the need for them to "pre spawn" concord, and to "pull" concord when they have done their dirty deeds.
But maybe the cops were just around the corner, when the crime went down... Or maybe they were in the donut shop on the other side of town.

More RANDOM in CONCORD response times, and having the CONCORD units fly further on patrols once they have avenged a victim would make for a lot more lively and exciting time in High Sec!

That is my opinion at the moment....