Monday, 11 April 2016

Small Tip: Avoid getting ganked on Jita - Amarr Pipe

So, I do a lot of freightering, transporting and so on. Up until now I have had the fortune to not get ganked... I have (as far as I remember) escaped Machariel bumping in a Charon three times. That is, of course, mainly dependent on:

1) The bumper lacking some experience, or being distracted by something such as TeamSpeak or Netflix...

2) Getting bumped more or less towards a warpable celestial or something similar (see 1).

But this post is not about how to escape once being bumped.

The Jita - Amarr pipe is one of the most heavily / regularly ganked routes in High Sec. The vast majority of the ganks are centered around Niarja and Madirmilire.

Did you know that if you set the system Madirmilire to "Avoid" you miss the hotspots of Madirmilire  / Niarja Gate, and Madirmilire / Ashab gate? Your route then goes through Niarja-Bahromab... a much less ganked gate. So even if autopiloting, taking this route can increase your survivability.

Jita - Amarr is 9 Jumps.
Jita - Amarr avoiding Madirmilire is 12 Jumps. That is not much of a time increase if you are jumping... and if autopiloting it gives just about time for another cup of coffee. I must admit, I have hardly noticed it since I started doing it.


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