Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A short jump in Minerbumping!

So, I joined the Minerbumping channel in the interest of fairness. I also joined their Alliance forums. Unfortunately I don't really get to discuss things.... just end up put down and stuff. Please compare this to the chat with the Anti-Ganking channel last year (see previous posts).

What fun!

[22:25:12] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Jacques Olivier I believe, you have read Lorelei Lerendi's CSM program. For her, a "fair" gank should have a 50% chance of the victim getting away, based on some arbitrary mechanic of CONCORD travelling around the system.
[22:25:43] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Korean-style randomness is where true carebears find solace. Nothing of certainty.
[22:26:19] Aaaarrgg > well since the vast majority of folk dont get ganked because they tank or are smart, id say 99.99% of folk get away already
[22:26:30] Jacques Olivier > ^
[22:27:28] Jacques Olivier > And frankly the majority don't get ganked because they simply haven't had the good fortune of drawing an Agent's attention
[22:27:38] Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > It's failure to understand that the real battle takes place before the gank, not during it.
[22:28:00] Jacques Olivier > Understanding that would require actually knowing something about ganking
[22:28:10] Aaaarrgg > or EVE
[22:28:15] Superdude Ostus > /emote doesnt know anything about ganking
[22:28:57] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > wel tomorrow all the afk ppl get a buffed tank
[22:29:23] Pandorath > mehh
[22:29:25] Jacques Olivier > And logoff tank gets massively buffed
[22:30:49] Lorelei Ierendi > can't access the forums atm. is the patch really coming tomorrow?
[22:31:00] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > yes
[22:31:10] Lorelei Ierendi > great :/
[22:32:12] Pandorath > Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri this Lorelei Ierendi?
[22:32:56] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath yes
[22:32:57] Pandorath > how can someone running for CSM be so oblivious to mechanics
[22:33:04] Pandorath > are you stupid?
[22:33:13] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath ?
[22:33:21] Pandorath > 50% chance roll on a gank
[22:33:27] Pandorath > for the guy getting ganked to get away?
[22:33:36] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath what are you talking about?
[22:33:49] Pandorath > Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Jacques Olivier I believe, you have read Lorelei Lerendi's CSM program. For her, a "fair" gank should have a 50% chance of the victim getting away, based on some arbitrary mechanic of CONCORD travelling around the system.
[22:34:00] Lorelei Ierendi > oh that.
[22:34:03] Pandorath > yeah
[22:34:06] Pandorath > what is that
[22:34:10] Lorelei Ierendi > I'd suggest you read the thread
[22:34:30] Lorelei Ierendi > there is more to it than the CODE. version.
[22:34:31] Pandorath > well im past hoping on what eve CSM get us in a year
[22:34:39] Lorelei Ierendi > but CODE. is voting for Xenuria.
[22:34:39] Pandorath > this game will be fucked in a few months
[22:34:52] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath some ppl say it is already
[22:34:56] Pandorath > so no i wont read your CSM thread
[22:35:07] Lorelei Ierendi > yeah save yourself the time
[22:35:21] Pandorath > but if 50% chance of getting away is in any way real then you know nothing about ganking
[22:35:26] Pandorath > we already have a 50% roll on loot
[22:35:36] Lorelei Ierendi > ah
[22:35:39] Pandorath > thats enough random
[22:35:43] Lorelei Ierendi > but
[22:35:54] Pandorath > dice is fun?
[22:35:55] Lorelei Ierendi > there is no point discussing further
[22:35:59] Pandorath > right
[22:36:21] Lorelei Ierendi > because you are basing your comments based on something someone said about what I said. not actually about what I said.
[22:36:47] Lorelei Ierendi > which is funny
[22:36:48] Pandorath > ok il eyeball the thread
[22:37:08] Lorelei Ierendi > I've ganked. I even killed an orca once.
[22:37:17] Lorelei Ierendi > well... as part of a fleet
[22:37:28] Pandorath > i solo ganked freighters
[22:37:30] Lorelei Ierendi > well.... ok. I whored on an orca kill.
[22:37:55] Pandorath > bumps 8 dps freighter looting dst tagging etc
[22:38:13] Pandorath > so i guess salah misread it and its 50% chance of getting concorded?
[22:38:24] Lorelei Ierendi > keep reading
[22:38:32] Daxter Alabel > so much bitching in here, not enough killmails
[22:38:32] Pandorath > i dont think gankers getting away would do anything good
[22:38:44] Pandorath > id rather get killed every time
[22:39:05] Pandorath > law of averages would screw us because CCP would feel the need to compensate
[22:39:12] Lorelei Ierendi > well Id rather not get ganked with a concord squad sitting next to me. Id rather they were not there.
[22:39:13] Pandorath > it would still only introduce RNG into the ganks
[22:39:24] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > its what a csm dude wants, not whats gona hapen
[22:39:33] Pandorath > yeah
[22:39:33] Jacques Olivier > Look, you can't talk about CONCORD and realism
[22:39:34] Lorelei Ierendi > 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg exactly
[22:39:35] 0MG its-code Aaaarrgg > ccp does not care about csm anyways
[22:39:38] Cyclo Hexanol > Kill: Borgdude (Charon) Kill: Borgdude (Capsule) Autopiloting through hisec and then lowsec. Shame.
[22:39:43] Pandorath > CSM hardly matter
[22:39:50] Jacques Olivier > Because CONCORD are, mechanically, omnipotent space gods
[22:39:50] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath exactly
[22:40:00] Lorelei Ierendi > Jacques Olivier exactly
[22:40:08] Jacques Olivier > They have infinite strength ECM, infinite strength neuts and infinite damage death rays
[22:40:18] Pandorath > and were voting for xenuria because hes a social hazard bomb
[22:40:18] Jacques Olivier > If you want that shit neuted, sure
[22:40:22] Jacques Olivier > *nerfed
[22:40:33] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath I know.
[22:40:38] Pandorath > we want CCP to have to deal with him as one. last. fuck. you.
[22:40:56] Lorelei Ierendi > Pandorath I know. I just find it sad.
[22:41:06] Pandorath > i know xenuria i flew with him
[22:41:27] Pandorath > hes not a bad guy but hes terrible at being social
[22:41:32] Jacques Olivier > Well personally I put toxic yaken and vic jefferson at the top of my ballot, but they're not getting in so it's a vote for xenuria
[22:41:33] loyalanon > https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/49kxb4/what_the_heck_is_the_code/
[22:42:24] Lorelei Ierendi > anyway, its been fun listening to y'all, but I gotta get my beauty sleep. Fly safe!


I would be interested to know what Xenuria feels about being the "teach CCP a lesson" candidate... and what CCP feels about it. If I get onto the CSM I will ask!

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