Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Name is Lorelei....

My Name is Lorelei... and I am an Altoholic.

I just now sat back and thought about how much has changed this last year.
I have exactly 6 alts capable of flying freighters through High Sec plus 2 Alts that can also fly with Jump Freighters... and 3 Alts that are just for Cynos.
I have 3 Alts with Orcas and Mining boosts... 2 Alts that have specialised in Trading Skills... 2 Alts that are Refinery... and 2 Alts that are Industry. And I have 1 Titan Pilot (I'm going to try selling him when he is finished).

I spend more time than I am actually comfortable with making sure that I have enough PLEX to keep training! Summer was hard... but my miners don't really need any more skills... and neither do the traders.

I am sitting on about 42 Billion in assets spread throughout the galaxy that I could liquefy... 8 Billion ISK that I can mobilise right now... and the rest is stuck in Sell Orders and Buy Orders. My total worth has just reached 75 Billion... which is actually why I am posting. Today I became worth 75 Billion. W00t!

Of course, if I were concentrating, I could be doing better... but sometimes I just like to log in and fly cargo between Dodixie and Jita. :-)

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