Friday, 15 June 2018

CSM 13 Votes

The voting information has been released.

I would like to thank everyone that voted for me.

I have not had time yet to go through the data line for line... but here are my observations:

Round 33 beginning - 14 candidates remain
27952 votes, 2542 quota
Initial talley:
  6809 "Aryth"
  4035 "Sort Dragon"
  2832 "Jin'taan"
  2260 "Brisc Rubal"
  2242 "Steve Ronuken"
  1698 "Suitonia"
  1522 "Killah Bee"
  1299 "The Judge"
  1288 "ExookiZ"
  1201 "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
  828 "Merkelchen"
  696 "Tifida"
  660 "Lorelei Ierendi"
  582 "Innominate"
  Elected: "Aryth"
  Elected: "Sort Dragon"
  Elected: "Jin'taan"
  Transfer from "Aryth":
    Votes: 6809.000000, Factor: 0.626671, Excess: 4267.000000
    3537.555441 votes to "Merkelchen"
    542.070054 votes to "Innominate"
    75.200470 votes to "The Judge"
    51.386988 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    18.173447 votes to Exhausted
    16.293435 votes to "Suitonia"
    10.653400 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    5.640035 votes to "Killah Bee"
    3.133353 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    3.133353 votes to "ExookiZ"
    1.880012 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
    1.880012 votes to "Tifida"
  Elected: "Merkelchen"
  Transfer from "Merkelchen":
    Votes: 4365.555441, Factor: 0.417714, Excess: 1823.555441
    1629.507311 votes to "Innominate"
    66.026913 votes to "The Judge"
    40.390266 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    36.346737 votes to Exhausted
    16.134917 votes to "Suitonia"
    12.743081 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    7.936574 votes to "Killah Bee"
    4.594859 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    4.444496 votes to "ExookiZ"
    3.341715 votes to "Tifida"
    2.088572 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
  Elected: "Innominate"
  Transfer from "Sort Dragon":
    Votes: 4035.000000, Factor: 0.370012, Excess: 1493.000000
    1181.819579 votes to "Killah Bee"
    129.504337 votes to Exhausted
    44.401487 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
    35.891202 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    31.081041 votes to "Suitonia"
    19.610657 votes to "The Judge"
    18.870632 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    14.430483 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    12.580421 votes to "ExookiZ"
    4.810161 votes to "Tifida"
  Elected: "Killah Bee"
  Transfer from "Jin'taan":
    Votes: 2832.000000, Factor: 0.102401, Excess: 290.000000
    86.221751 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    67.584746 votes to "Suitonia"
    51.507768 votes to Exhausted
    25.805085 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    21.709040 votes to "ExookiZ"
    19.046610 votes to "The Judge"
    9.420904 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
    6.963277 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    1.740819 votes to "Tifida"
  Transfer from "Innominate":
    Votes: 2753.577365, Factor: 0.076837, Excess: 211.577365
    162.259672 votes to "The Judge"
    19.574503 votes to Exhausted
    15.816147 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    5.670576 votes to "Suitonia"
    4.533571 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    1.509689 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
    0.900167 votes to "Tifida"
    0.896757 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    0.416282 votes to "ExookiZ"
  Transfer from "Killah Bee":
    Votes: 2717.396188, Factor: 0.064546, Excess: 175.396188
    54.504898 votes to "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
    49.474175 votes to Exhausted
    30.581284 votes to "Suitonia"
    16.111066 votes to "ExookiZ"
    10.397709 votes to "Steve Ronuken"
    4.884227 votes to "Lorelei Ierendi"
    4.051398 votes to "Brisc Rubal"
    2.775464 votes to "Tifida"
    2.615967 votes to "The Judge"
  Pre-elimination tally:
  2416 "Brisc Rubal"
  2402 "Steve Ronuken"
  1865 "Suitonia"
  1643 "The Judge"
  1346 "ExookiZ"
  1314 "Tikktokk Tokkzikk"
  711 "Tifida"
  694 "Lorelei Ierendi"
  Elimination: "Lorelei Ierendi" with 694.902955 votes

I got into the final 14, which is my best result ever.... in the old days that would have been enough to have gotten me into the CSM! So thank you!
I got 694 votes, which I think is my worst result ever... which is probably a reflection of the people that didn't vote.
I did notice that my cross platform support (which haunted me for CSM 10... Tikktokk beware) was better than ever... so slowly my message seems to be spreading.

I am looking forward to other people's analysis of the voting... as being directly involved I cannot help but feel biased. I will anyway look at the numbers later in more detail!

Thank you all for voting.

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