Monday, 27 February 2017

Burn Jita 2017.

So this last weekend saw the Goons forming up to do a "burn Jita" event. This year I was there.
Unfortunately RL concerns stopped me from being online too much, but I jumped on over, hopped into one of my trusty covert ECM ships, and undocked to see what was going on.

Seeing a huge blob of red flashing coercers swarming around a freighter was quite something... and those fleets of CONCORD and Faction Police. Of course this made a very different impression from those Uedama gank-fleets... but CODE. were also there to whore off Goon kills.

Because of aforementioned RL concerns, I did not even try to join any organised activities or fleets, but I did manage to get some gankers on my zkillboard. Check it out!

I was present in the right system in the middle of the blob at the right time for two very (for me) interesting events:

         One of the ganked freighters was carrying a Fortizar... more than 18 Billion ISK killmail IIRC. When the gankers tried to loot it (I think in a Jump Freighter) and went hostile, the looter got killed... one strike for the good guys (I am sure that you will be able to read about it elsewhere... if I find any links I shall post them).

         A freighter was saved from a ganker blob. Repairing and boosting the freighter whilst the gankers were shooting, the good guys managed to keep the freighter alive long enough for CONCORD and the Caldari Police to do their jobs. This is the first time I was able to witness at first hand a Freighter being directly saved from a gank. The fact that another ganker fleet finished the job five minutes later takes nothing away from the achievements of the good guys! Hats off to them!

Over the course of the weekend I did manage to get some loot out of the wrecks that were produced by CONCORD. At the end the tally was just under 100 Million ISK, which was a nice bonus.

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