Tuesday 28 February 2017

BB 80: A Voice for All Players?

Blog Banter 80:  http://sandciderandspaceships.blogspot.de/2017/02/blog-banter-80-voice-for-all-players.html

CCP Seagull ecourages you to get involved in CSM12 and put your name forward to be a Space-Politician. On his blog ( http://nevillesmit.com/blog/2017/2/13/i-like-tweakage ) Neville Smit noted that CSM11 had done a good job with minimum of drama. However he said he’d not be covering CSM12 like he has in previous years as he sees no point. The power-blocs will vote on who they want and unless Steve Ronuken manages to get on CSM12 it is almost certainly going to have every seat taken by the big null-sec blocs. Is Neville right? Is the CSM moving more and more into just a voice for 0.0? Is this a bad thing? Are the hi-sec, low-sec and WH players going to lose out badly or is it really not an issue as its the same game? Could a totally null-sec dominated CSM 12 give a balanced voice for everyone?

Hello, my name is Lorelei and I am candidating for the third year running for the CSM as a high-sec carebear. 

That is why I am not going to get elected. I honestly also got fed up with talking to people that thought the CSM would be able to dictate policy to CCP... seems that a lot of people have the wrong impression of what goes on.

The CSM is being reduced to 10 seats from 14. My best ever performance I was able to get position 15 in the CSM 10 elections. With 13 of the 14 seats on CSM 11 going to the null sec blocks I think that it is safe to say that the null sec blocks will be deciding who is on the CSM again, maybe they will throw Steve a seat because of his excellent track record. Of course that is no reason not to announce a candidacy... show CCP that High Sec / Low Sec / Wormhole people are still at least interested....... except that they are really not.

I still think that having a mixture of backgrounds and playstyles in the CSM would be a productive opportunity for CCP to get feedback on the issues surrounding the game, but then maybe the Council of Null Sec Management was the reason for the lack of drama this last year? Anyway CCP can always form focus groups for whatever they want to be looked at. Is the CSM even really relevant any more?

In my opinion the drama surrounding CSM X put the final nail in the coffin of the CSM. Whilst firing up for CSM XI I contacted the people / groups that supported me for CSM X, and without exception the people I spoke to said words to the effect of "CSM... meh... why bother".  CSM XI did a stand up job, and kept whatever drama there was well under wraps. Maybe a couple more such councils and the public opinion of the CSM might start being restored.

So once again to answer the questions above with my opinions:
1) Neville is right.
2) The more null sec players the more the CSM represents the experiences of null sec. (or do the null sec players mine a lot in high sec?)
3) I think CCP is losing out on a broader spectrum of opinion and experience. Do the Devs have up to date experience of life in High Sec?
4) No, a totally null sec dominated CSM could not give a balanced voice for everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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