Saturday, 4 March 2017

Bumping is Silly

Every time I try running for the CSM representing High Sec, Bumping comes up.

On the EVE Forums (Crime and Punishment) there have been multi-page threads on the subject of bumping.

both of which are locked, and the latter of which starts off with words to the effect of:

This forum post old and does not represent CCP´s current stance on the issue.

But bumping still exists and is still causing the deaths of carebears everywhere...

I find bumping to be silly. Ships flying into one another and taking no damage? Battleships pushing freighters up to more than 500 m/s and playing with them like pingpong balls? It kind of breaks my immersion when flying around. Whatever CCPs opinions on bumping, things have not significantly changed (although it is an exploit to bump a titan out of a POS now - but then not enough organised null sec people care about what happens to freighters in high sec.....).

I would propose bumping causing damage to ships dependent on speed and mass.

I know this has been bought up before. I know people talk about the chaos on the Jita undock if bumping into another ship causes damage... one could never undock there in a rookie ship. I would propose there being a 20KM zone around stations, citadels and stargates where damage does not apply...

Depending on how easy this is to code, I am sure it would greatly improve my EVE experience!

I am a pragmatist/realist. Yes I know that organised pirates will simply fit repair modules on their Machs and/or bring an alt/friend with logi... and freighters will be bumped as before. Yes I know that carebears will not get more organised to bring alts/friends with logi... or to have groups patrolling the pipes to help out. Yes I am sure that some freighters might get bumped to death... I am also sure that having a Pirate logi as potential target for White Knights opens up at least one more interesting and emerging interaction in space.

I don't imagine that anything significant about bumping will change. Not before we can walk and talk to one another in space stations.

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