Friday, 27 March 2015

CSMX Voting Data Published!

So today CCP published the raw data from the voting for CSMX. I made it to the final 15.

Round beginning - 15 candidates remain
32561 votes, 2171 quota
Initial talley:
  4821 "Sion Kumitomo"
  3415 "Sugar Kyle"
  2689 "Manfred Sideous"
  2554 "corebloodbrothers"
  2540 "Chance Ravinne"
  2438 "corbexx"
  2253 "Cagali Cagali"
  1954 "Steve Ronuken"
  1932 "Sort Dragon"
  1879 "Mike Azariah"
  1562 "Gorga"
  1386 "Jayne Fillon"
  1332 "Lorelei Ierendi"
  1057 "Thoric Frosthammer"
  749 "Endie"

As we can see from this excerpt, at the start of the final round, I was at place 13 on the list of candidates.

And at the end of all the complicated math:

  Elimination: "Lorelei Ierendi" with 1457.723293 votes

So, I am looking forward to reading the analyses of the voting that are going to come up. I want, again, to thank everyone that supported me. We almost did it!

So, I am still gathering my thoughts and feelings about the election campaign. Maybe I will write a real review of it. Maybe not.

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