Friday, 20 March 2015

The CSMX Elections are Over!

So yesterday in the Keynote at Fanfest, the CSM X election results were announced.
Sugar got a permanent seat. That is good for the game! Mike is also there. So it was not all darkness.

I did not get elected.

Being a new character, less than one year old, I knew / know that the chances were very very small... of even getting one vote. I decided to run at the very beginning of the campaign season, because I felt that I had some important things to say, and that I could help do something to breathe more life into the game. Also because I have learned that you should never rely on other people doing stuff for you, if you want it done!

The next few posts are just going to be rehashing the CSM stuff, with links to the campaign and the comments that were on the interweb.