Friday, 20 March 2015

CSMX Campaign Thread

Reposting the starter post from my Campaign Thread. The Platform developed itself during the course of the campaign, and if you are really interested, I encourage you to read the campaign thread. This is just here for nostalgia!
Good Evening,

Unfortunately for me, the campaigning season is opening at the same time as my job is getting busy (run-up to Christmas). Despite that, I will read every response to my thread... and I will be prepared to answer questions/interviews.

Is there room for a High Sec candidate on the CSM? Someone that has the well-being of the multitude of High Sec pilots at heart?
I would like there to be a "High Sec" platform, for a candidate for the CSM. If no one else wants to step up to the plate, then[b] I wil[/b]l. If someone else wants to run for CSM for the benefit of High Sec gameplay, then I am happy to step down and support them... if they can do a better job.

The problem with High Sec space is that the players there are all independent. There is no feeling of "we". This lack of "we" is a problem. The lack of "we all stand together" is a problem. The "apathy of the carebear" is a problem...

This I know. I know that, although numerically High Sec has the largest number of log-ins... accounts... players... I know that High Sec will probably never be able to gather together enough in order to support a CSM candidate. But that is no reason to not try!!
Come on, High Sec! If something is important for you, stand up for it!!!

Who am I?

You have never heard of me. I am a High Sec Carebear.
I am a High Sec Carebear, and proud of it!
High Sec Carebears tend not to socialize too much, and are only members of NPC or small corporations.

Well, this is not the first character I have created in order to play "EVE". I have never been a member of a big alliance or coalition. I have never been a member of a big corporation. Hell, I have never left High Sec space.

I gained my love of Spaceship games by playing Elite... way back on my ZX Spectrum 48k+ (with a jammed SHIFT key (jammed as in... raspberry jam)). Back then it was possible to try docking with a space station and to accidentally line up with the back of the station... and die whilst trying to fly through the back of the station to the entrance. Fun times.

I graduated to Frontier: Elite II on a 486 PC, and spent my time happily flying between Barnard's Star, SOL, and Wolf 359. I should have been studying, but flying a (mostly harmless) panther fully loaded with robots was more fun.

I kept my eyes open for an online version of a space-sim... and that is where EVE comes in.
I really enjoy (as in "really") flying transports, fulfilling contracts, and, sometimes, mining.

What would be my Platform:

1) High Sec is worth fighting for!
I want to do what I want to do. I do not want to be a part of massive 1000 ship fleets. I just want to transport stuff, and occasionally mine things. Maybe a mission or two. Is that too much to ask?
Griefers, gankers, bumpers, "content creators" stop me having my fun, and stop me wanting to play. Gankers have been nerfed and Carebears have been buffed in the past... but despite everything there is still no "balance". If I have to expose my mining/transporting self to the wild and evil whims of others, then I would like to be able to have (at least) a 50:50 chance of winning. At the moment it is not so... this needs changing! You say that you are "creating content", but I dont't want your content! I am creating my own content happily flying my freighter/retriever around!

2) Banhammer!
Somewhen back in September, a number of players belonging to a griefer community were banned from playing eve. According to what I have read on the interweb, and according to what CSM member "funkybacon" said on his blog... the banned players never got told what they were banned for! I am ALL FOR aggressive banning of griefers and harrassers by CCP, but I feel that anyone that pays for an account deserves to know for what they get banned... especially if they have paid-for ($$) game time still running. On the other side, I feel that having a public list of banned players, and crimes (name and shame!!) would also provide assistance for other players (esp. high sec players), in knowing who to avoid!
The central register entry could look something like this:
"Player XX, banned for X weeks, for: Harassment"
Of course, if it is true, that the same "gm" that made the ban is also handling the "appeal" then this also needs changing.

3) New Player Experience
The New Player Experience also needs work, and it needs people (on the CSM) that are focussing on it, and representing the needs of the "New Player". If Eve is to continue to grow and develop, (and exist) then New Players are of vital importance. I know that CCP have already said that they are working on this... but it should not be allowed to again fall into the background (as it has clearly already done... judging by the state of the NPE as I started).

4) Wardecs
The war dec mechanic is broken. There have already been talks/suggestions about enabling player groups that are not eligible for "war deccing" but also not eligible to put up POS or POCOS.... This is a central theme to New Player Retention, and not to be ignored.

I am sure that there are many issues that are burning for someone that wants to represent the High Sec player base. I am sure that you have enough ideas of other things that need to be said (the above are only the things that are burning for me). If the normal, apathetic High Sec resident can get off his/her lazy butt and be bothered to vote, then we can have a voice. It doesn't have to be me.... but someone has to do something... somewhen... for the good of some people!

I am also quite prepared to represent/push issues that other High Sec Carebears have, even if I have not mentioned them above. I think it is all-important that High Sec gathers behind a candidate... (even if it is not me) so that our interests do not get swept under the table by the massed/organised nullsec coalitions.

Thank you,


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